PREORDER Frequently Asked Questions

Preorders are advance purchases made on a product that is currently either sold out or not on hand and is scheduled to be shipped at a future date.

It’s a perfect way to secure your reservation for a product without risking it becoming sold out after we list the product online.

Products that are open for preorder are marked with [PREORDER] at the beginning of the product name, as well as on the description box.

All other products without this marking are on hand / in-stock and are readily available for shipping.

You may also be able to view all products that are available for preorder by visiting this link: PREORDER page.

Preorder period lasts for a limited number of days, usually 5 days.

All preorders must be placed and paid within the preorder period in order for us to set the product’s final and total quantity to be manufactured.

Preorder period, deadline of payment and other details may be found on the product description of the product page.

Depending on factors such as availability of raw materials, order quantity requirements, limited slots are usually allocated per product, per variant. It is important to place your order and settle payment within the preorder period in order to successfully secure your slot.

All unpaid preorders are cancelled after the preorder period.

Depending on the complexity of the product’s design and the total quantity to be manufactured, production lead time may be finished within as short as 3 days, to as long as 12 days.

Once production is done, goods are shipped by sea and usually arrive after 3-4 weeks. Your order will be ready for dispatch 1-2 days after we have conducted quality check.

Dispatch date may be earlier or later than anticipated, depending on adjustments in production schedule, international shipping, customs clearing and public holidays.

We'll do our best to have your orders dispatched the soonest possible.

All payment options listed at checkout are accepted EXCEPT Cash On Delivery and Pabili Service.

All shipping options listed at checkout are allowed EXCEPT Cash On Delivery. 

Grab Express / Lalamove or any other type of pick-up is possible (except if payment was done thru Paypal).

Please note that booking and shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer. Once your order is ready, you will receive a Ready for Pick-Up notification via email and SMS.

Yes, this is possible. However, keep in mind that your preordered product will be available for shipping at a later time. Any additional items will be held and shipped together with your preordered item.

Should you request to split your order and have your additional item/s shipped separately and immediately, feel free to email us! Please note that separate shipping costs shall apply.

As preorder quantity has to be determined with finality before production rolls out, we regret that we may not be able to accommodate change requests.

Please take extra care when placing your order and take the time to review items in your cart before completing the checkout.

Yes, this is possible!

You may temporarily select “Pick-Up via Grab Express / Lalamove - Php 1.00” as your shipping option for your succeeding preorder. This way, you will not have to pay additional shipping fees.

Afterwards, please contact us through email ( so we can consolidate your preorders for you.

If you’ve placed multiple preorder products under a single order, you will be receiving all items together.

Once all preorder products have arrived and become available for shipping, your order will be dispatched immediately.

Sure thing! You may be able to return your preordered product - provided that your return meets all conditions stipulated on our Returns Policy: RETURNS

We guarantee to do everything in our capacity to meet and fulfill your preorder.

However, we do not discount the idea that several instances may occur between the production time to the actual time that we receive the products in our warehouse that may lead us to inevitably cancel your preorder.

In the rare circumstance that your preorder has to be terminated by COPPER for unforeseen events and reasons beyond our control (ie. manufacturer unable to comply with job order, lost or damaged international shipment, product failing our final quality control check, etc) - you may rest assured we will notify you immediately, and issue full refund to you thru your original mode of payment, bank transfer thru major banks, or shopping credits - whichever option is most convenient for you.

Preorders are always based on the original product template and are ideally of the exact same cut, color and fabric or material. Although it rarely happens, re-issues may differ slightly in colour where a newly produced batch of fabric / material has been used.

In any given case, we will take extra measures to make sure preorders are closest as possible to the original product.

By placing a preorder on our site, you agree to our Preorder Terms and Conditions: PREORDER Terms & Conditions

Any concerns not covered in this PREORDER FAQ section must be directed to us, by sending an email to